Aion Leveling Guide -- How to Turn Progressing Into Fun in Aion Online

After taking contact with the world of Atreia, after becoming a Daeva and completing my Abyss access chain quest, the problems of leveling began to show up. The XP came in pretty tough, but what made it even worse was the particular whining of the gamers chat. Being sort of sick of that, I started looking for leveling alternatives outside the game. This is how I came across an excellent aion accounts leveling guide.

This great Aion ranking up guide not only that demonstrated how to level quicker, it really made my XP a lot of fun. Some tips about what I've learned.

Firstly, all the players crying about how hard the particular XP is, had been the ones grinding on a single mobs for hours. The actual XP you gain using this method is not even difficult, mobs being normally easy to kill, it is simply long and dull. So, the first thing We have learned was to make sure I complete all the quests possible. Using this method I was always coupled to the storyline of the sport, solving different tasks every time, which created leveling more pleasant.

This kind of Aion leveling guide additionally taught me to focus on the particular quests and the mobs within the Abyss regions, especially on the Balaur NPCs, because they not only give nice XP, you get Abyss points, Kinah and great loot as well. Questing as well as grinding in the Abyss, the whole leveling procedure was even more diverse by the little Player vs player breakouts here. I had to stay sharp all the time in case I got assaulted by an Elyos.

An excellent thing I've discovered by using this guide is crafting and get together really play an important role in your progress. Not only that they turn into outstanding in-game money sources, but in Aion Online, professions will grant you a honest amount of XP after a while. No wonder players had been complaining since most are neglecting their occupations and gathering.

To summarize the Aion leveling guidebook I've been using provided me with a great questing path, which kept leveling fun all the time. Even the monotonous parts, when I needed to grind, were spiced a lttle bit by PvP which usually helped me sharpen my own skills and delivered additional point.